Been Awhile

But life has been moving on.

Been a frustrating couple of days over here, and I pray for patience and guidance.  Patience is something I have for all the wrong things, but not for the thing that matters most now.  I hope to endure this situation and move to a better situation at the end, without blowing up in the middle of it all.

Anyway… businesses paying bills is a good thing.


The Identity of God

God’s identity is vital.  Certainly, I think there is some room for differences of opinion in how God is described, but there are limits.  Going past those limits opens one up to all sorts of mistakes and leads one down the wrong path.

I intend to post a series of brief articles discussing this idea in more detail.  Here, I’ll simply say that God is Jesus, Jesus is the Spirit, the Spirit is God, but God is not Jesus, Jesus is not the Spirit, and the Spirit is not God.  AND, there is only one God.  This is basically the Trinitarian formula as set forth by Augustan.  Its packed with meaning and nuance.  But the existence of only one God is central to Christian theology, however, the distinctiveness of Christ and the Spirit apart from God cannot be denied.

Its a tough idea to grasp, and one does not need a perfect understanding of it.  One can visualize the three-in-one God through a variety of mechanisms, but each comes up short in one way or another.  However, there are certain ideas, I think, that are just wrong concerning the Trinity and the identity of God.  For instance, God is not a god-head, three separate gods united in purpose.  Just the same, God is not one God using different body parts, or one God, like water, who can take different forms.  Its important, though, to accept that God exists in a way we can never understand fully, and put our faith in God’s saving act on the Cross through Jesus, and to accept the Spirit into our lives, all understanding there is indeed only one God.

Anyway, I plan on researching this topic in some depth, and will post accordingly.  It may not be as quick as I would like, but I will go through some issues I discover in my research.


God’s Will?

One of the hardest things about faith is understanding God’s will for our lives.  I don’t always get it.  I am sure I have missed quite a bit.  I believe what Mordecai told Esther, though, when he told her that God put her in her position to resolve the order to destroy her people.  Specifically, he said: “And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?” (Esther 4:14).  We are all here for some reason.  The trouble is, we don’t all have a Mordecai to remind us of what God put us here for.

All I can do is live my life and take advantages of opportunities as they present themselves.  I’ll get most things wrong, I am sure, but I hope that I don’t miss that defining moment.  I also have to pay attention to God’s word and be looking for things that I  think I can help with.  I can only pray that I will do my part.  Its good news that my failure won’t diminish God’s ability to accomplish his will, though, as Mordecai reminds us.


On Motivation

Sometimes, its tough to be motivated.  I always try to be motivated, but circumstances sometimes get in the way to really caring about what we do for someone else.  I currently face that struggle with my job.  Why?  Because my central office (I work in a satellite office) does not seem to back us up or give us the resources to do what we need to do in a timely way.  The question becomes: if they don’t care, why should I?

Of course I should care, and I do.  However, it is more than frustrating waiting for a deposit so we can buy stamps to send out complaints so that we can bring in money for the firm.

The question is not just about motivation, and keeping it, but when to find a better situation.  The Christian in me tells me to keep working hard and results will come from that.  The realist in me tells me its time to find something new.  I do think there is nothing that requires a Christian to stay in a position, whatever that is, that is no good.  All I can do is continue to work hard and do my part.  But at some point, I am simply unable to do my part because others are not doing theirs.  And when those others are not likely to go away, and my name is on the line, it is time to find something new.

For those who may read this, pray that God will work this out.


On Being Sick

I hate being sick.  I have been sick.  On day two of a dose of Z-Pack to treat what I believe we’ve all agreed on as strep throat.  I’ve had strep before, but this is the worst I’ve felt for as long as I have felt bad.  I almost called my wife home from work so that she could just be there with me.  Anyway, I have missed a few days, and my apologies.  I like to keep up, at least more often than this.

But I just wanted to take a moment to give a shout out to God, who is there always, even when you think you need to be hospitalized due to a 102.4 fever, inability to drink, and a throat that just feels like it needs to be replaced.  God’s always here.  He’s got our back.  Praise His Name!